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How it works?


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New games with popular gameplays are joining the Yumon ecosystem every month. Games are free to download and free from intrusive ads. You can play in practice mode or compete against other players to win rewards. You need to be authenticated to join the competition.

Get Avatars & Compete

Showcase your skills competing against players from around the world to rise up the rankings and earn rewards. Receive your first competition-ready avatar as soon as you authenticate in a game. Collect Gems and Buy lives to your Limited and Epic avatars to unlock them and win big in their corresponding leagues!

Get Rewarded

Play the adventure mode, collect gems and enter competitions! The top players ranked by points get rewarded with game items and real-life prizes! Play, Win, Cash out. Repeat.

Trade your Avatars

Rank up faster or switch game at no cost . You can buy avatars from other players who have spent time and money in Yumon. If you want to quit Yumon, simply sell your avatars with their acquired experience and lives. Your time and money is never lost.


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